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SG Dortmund, Urteil vom 11.09.2015 - S 34 R 934/14

Ein Paketfahrer eines Logistikunternehmens ist nicht selbstständig, sondern abhängig beschäftigt, wenn er in das Logistikunternehmen eingebunden ist ... mehr

Lawyers’ fees

For us, our job is personal support of our clients. Every case is important. So we do not believe in advertising flat rates.

When we receive a brief, we initially discuss with our client the approximate scope of our work, taking the actual case in hand, and then calculate the costs.

Notarial fees

A Notary Public holds a public office. Like a public official, he has an obligation to base his charges on the statutory fees specified in the so-called Code of Costs (KOSTO). Since lawyers and notaries work together in our firm, we always choose the most meaningful and favourable course for our clients.

So nobody should - and this expressly does not only apply to our firm – hesitate to consult a lawyer for fear of the high costs. The costs issue should be frankly discussed with us. We consider it our duty to emphatically advise clients against entering into an unprofitable dispute.