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Areas of work

Advice to companies, municipalities and private individuals as well as their representation in court and against third parties, in particular with regard to

• commercial and private tenancy law,
• Tenant Law,
• general civil law.

Luisa Stein studied law at the Johannes-Gutenberg University and subsequently completed a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Sydney (Australia) and spent her legal traineeship in Wiesbaden. Ms. Stein mainly focuses on mandates in the area of ​​tenancy law and condominium law but also in general civil law. She serves individuals, property managers, real estate fund companies and property management companies comprehensively in all legal matters in and out of court. Here, the focus of Ms. Stein is on housing and commercial space rental, review and design of leases, representation in eviction, foreclosure, the design and defense of rent increases, the enforcement and defense against rent reductions and the termination of all types of rentals and procedures according to the Condominium Act (WEG).

Luisa Stein, LL.M.

Specialist in tenancy and residential property ownership law