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SG Dortmund, Urteil vom 11.09.2015 - S 34 R 934/14

Ein Paketfahrer eines Logistikunternehmens ist nicht selbstständig, sondern abhängig beschäftigt, wenn er in das Logistikunternehmen eingebunden ist ... mehr

The firm

Our firm of lawyers and notaries public was founded in 1965. It successfully represents small and medium-sized companies and private individuals and helps them solve their legal problems. The firm has meanwhile steadily grown into a partnership offering you comprehensive legal advice and competent and purposeful support in all issues associated with the representation of your rights. We will represent you in legal suits to assert claims or defend you against claims made against you in day-to-day business or in your private sphere. We will find solutions which give due consideration to personal and financial consequences.